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Anti-theft Home Design Makes Your Family and Property Safer

The anti-theft house design will certainly be profitable. Because, with this anti-robber or theft design, the house can be safer. In fact, the design of this house will make it more difficult for thieves to enter the house.

Until now the level of crime in the community is still very high. There are still frequent crimes such as robbery, vehicle theft, fraud, and murder. These cases, of course, also often occur around our environment, right?

That makes it impossible for us to be negligent or ignore the situation of the crime. We must always be vigilant because these events can also happen to us at any time. Therefore, it is important to take care of yourself and also your home to avoid bad things.

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Anti-Theft House Designs that You Can Apply

Home burglary is one of the most common crimes. Usually thieves will enter the house secretly when the house is quiet or empty. Then thieves will take various valuables such as money, jewelry, and others.

This is of course very detrimental to homeowners, especially if quite a lot of property is lost. Apart from taking property, thieves or criminals who enter the house can also do other bad things. For example, that is hurting people or families who are at home.

If that happens, of course it will be more painful than losing property. What’s more, the person is a close family and someone you care about. Therefore, it is important to guard the house so that thieves and criminals do not easily enter it.

To prevent robbery, you can also apply an anti-theft home design. As the name implies, this house has a design to prevent outsiders from entering. Especially thieves and criminals who usually often break into doors or windows.

With this design, the property and family members at home will be safer. Because thieves will find it more difficult to enter even though the house is quiet. Then how to design this safe house? Here’s how you can apply:

Place Thorn Ornamental Plants

Placing thorny ornamental plants can prevent thieves from entering the house. You can place it near a window where there is a risk of a thief entering. This method may not be very effective but it can certainly be a hassle for thieves.

Using High Fences

To avoid thieves you can also use a high fence design. The goal is to make it difficult for thieves when they want to enter or leave the area of ​​the house. In addition, it is also to make it difficult if they steal large items such as televisions or refrigerators.

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Anti-theft House Design Using Strong Doors and Glass Materials

The next thing you should pay attention to is the security of the doors and windows of the house. Make sure the door and window frames are made of strong material and the hinges are also protected. Then you also have to make sure the door lock is strong and difficult to break into.

In addition, you can replace the manual lock with a smart lock to make it more secure. For windows you can make sure to use a strong lock so that it is difficult to break into it. Apart from that, you also have to use thick and strong glass for windows.

The goal is to make it more difficult for thieves to break the glass. Apart from that, you can also use a trellis so that thieves cannot enter the house through a window. Of course, thieves will also find it more difficult to break through the window bars.

Give Enough Information

In this anti-theft house design, you also have to provide sufficient lighting. You have to give lights on the front, inside and back of the house. A bright house will certainly be less of a target for robbery than a dark house.

Install CCTV

Then you can install CCTV cameras in places that are safe from the reach of thieves. The goal is that thieves don’t damage the CCTV to eliminate the recording evidence. You also don’t need to hide it so thieves can see the CCTV.

The goal is to discourage thieves from entering the house and stealing various valuables. In addition, CCTV footage can also be used as evidence if a thief is determined to steal. If the recording manages to capture the thief’s face, of course it will also make it easier to find him.

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Using a Glass Cover

The next anti-theft house design tip is to use window coverings. Especially if your residence has lots of clear windows so you can see it from the outside. Thieves can use it to monitor occupants and what valuables are in it.

So that when the house looks deserted they can just act and steal various objects. Therefore you must use window blinds so that thieves can’t peek in. In addition, window coverings can also protect the privacy of you and other family members.

Those are some anti-theft home designs that you can apply. With it of course the house will be much safer. (R10/KAMPLONGAN)

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