Bani Qainuqa War, Dispute between Muslims and Jews

Bani Qainuqa War, Dispute between Muslims and Jews

Bani Qainuqa War, Dispute between Muslims and Jews

Bani Qainuqa war is one of the wars that occurred in Islam. The war of the Bani Qainuqa Jews occurred after the Battle of Badr. This event in Islamic history also includes the war that took place between the Muslims and the Bani Qainuqa Jews.

As for the place where this battle took place, namely in Medina, in the month of Shawwal in the 2nd year of Hijriyah, namely on a Saturday in the middle of Shawwal.

Before this war broke out, actually the Muslims had lived peacefully and side by side with the Jews through the Medina Charter.

In the peace agreement there is already a written explanation of what are the rights and obligations for the people there. Be it for Muslims, Jews, and also food communities in Medina. That way, at that time they became one unit in the community.

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Bani Qainuqa War, Starting from the Hatred of the Jews

Initially, Muslims and Jews did live side by side with a sense of peace. However, the hatred of the Jews towards Prophet Muhammad SAW and Muslims could not be contained.

So, in Islamic history, the beginning of the Bani Qainuqa war was due to the growing hatred and envy of the Jews. Especially after the victory that the Muslims felt over the Quraysh in the Battle of Badr.

Not only that, the behavior of the Jews also often shows actions that disturb Muslims. The behavior of the Jews showed that they did not comply with the peace agreement as written in the Medina Charter.

In fact, the Bani Qainuqa Jews also openly showed their anger and hatred for the victory of the Muslims in carrying out the Battle of Badr.

The Jews Rejected the Prophet’s Invitation

The hatred and envy of the Jews was clearly seen from their attitude when they attended the invitation of the Prophet Muhammad after the Battle of Badr. At that time, the Prophet invited the Jews to convert to Islam so that they would not be crushed like the Quraysh.

Because, Rasulullah SAW thought that if their victory in the Battle of Badr he could use it to preach and invite the Jews to convert to Islam. However, the results were not what the Prophet wanted.

When hearing the Prophet’s invitation, the Jews immediately blatantly refused to convert to Islam. Not only refused, they actually boasted.

They also told the prophet Muhammad SAW not to be deceived by the success of Muslims when killing Quraysh.

They said that the Quraysh were an inexperienced nation. So they don’t know how to fight and lose against Muslims.

Even the Jews dared to challenge the Prophet, if they wanted to fight with a great and experienced person. The Prophet and Muslims were invited to fight against the Jews.

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You’re a Jew disturbing a Muslim woman

The Bani Qainuqa war also occurred because there was one Medina Jew who did not do well, namely harassing a Muslim woman. The Jew tied the end of the back of the Muslim woman’s clothes to the other part.

For the behavior that the Jews had done, when the woman wanted to stand up and got up from her seat, the nakedness of the woman’s back was visible because it was exposed.

One Muslim Killed Over This Event

When she got this behavior, the woman screamed and asked the Muslims for help. Then, there was a Muslim who heard the screams of the woman.

He rushed to help the woman until he succeeded in killing the Jews who were bothering him.

Seeing one of his people being attacked, the Jews immediately attacked the Muslim man until he died. The Muslims who witnessed the event firsthand finally asked other Muslims for help to immediately fight the Jews.

Because of this event, there was a great war between the Muslims and the Jews, Bani Qainuqa.

The news of the harassment reached Rasulullah SAW. The Prophet immediately gathered his companions to prepare troops.

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Rasulullah wanted to defend a Muslim woman who the Jews abused and defended the death of a Muslim. The meaning of Muslim honor and the price of a Muslim’s life for the Prophet is very large. To the extent that the Messenger of Allah was ready to take risks in order to defend honor.

We can conclude that the Bani Qainuqa War occurred because the Jews harbored jealousy and hatred for the Muslims. So that these people justify any means to fight Muslims. (R10/HR-Online)

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