Benefits of Indigofera Plants, Nutritious Alternative Feed for Livestock

Benefits of Indigofera Plants, Nutritious Alternative Feed for Livestock

Benefits of Indigofera Plants, Nutritious Alternative Feed for Livestock

The benefits of Indigofera plants are usually for livestock. Indigofera is very useful as feed because of its high nutrition. Usually this plant acts as an alternative feed.

For ordinary people, maybe this Indigofera plant is still quite foreign. However, this plant has actually been used by many people, especially in the field of animal husbandry.

This plant belongs to the type of legume plant which means a type of legume (Leguminosae). The content in it is very useful for various things.

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Indigofera Plant Benefits for What?

Indigofera is a profitable plant species. This plant is a type of forage for livestock leguminous. The nutrients in Indigofera are better than grass.

The protein in this plant is very high. Indigofera itself has 750 species, but the easiest for us to find is Spicata, Tinctoria, Australis, Zollingeriana, Natalensis, ArrectaAnd Stragalona.

This one plant also has a different name in each region, starting from Tarum, Tom, Tilapia, to Indigo. In terms of shape, the Indigofera plant is very distinctive with lots of branches and a bright green color.

The flowers of this one plant are purple. Indigofera cultivation is easy because it can grow anywhere.

Indigofera is very tolerant of various types of poor soil with lack of water, alkaline soil, to acid. That is why this plant requires little maintenance costs.

For those of you who are still unfamiliar, here are some of the benefits of the Indigofera plant in life.

Become a Fabric Dye Material

The first benefit of this plant is as a fabric dye. However, not all types of Indigofera plants can be used as dyes.

Each type of Indigofera has its own very distinctive character. Of all the types, there are only two that can be used as dyes, namely Indigofera Suffruticosa And Tinctoria.

The color that appears is indigo. This plant has long been used as a fabric dye, since it was detected in Huaca Prieta.

The people around there often dip the cloth into the Indigofera plant soaking water. Until finally this plant spread to Europe and America, people were increasingly familiar with the benefits of this one Indigofera plant as an artificial dye.

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Indigofera Plants as Animal Feed

As mentioned before, this plant is famous as animal feed. Since 2009, Indonesia has used this Indigofera plant as animal feed which has a high protein source.

Usually this Indigofera plant can be used as livestock feed such as cattle, sheep, and also goats.

Not only protein, this plant also contains phosphorus, nitrogen, and calcium. This content, of course, makes Indigofera much better than ordinary grass.

Indigofera plants as animal feed are very good for helping the growth and development of farm animals.

As Medicine and Health

Another benefit of Indigofera is that it can treat several diseases, as well as for health.

Indigofera plant species Articulata known as a natural toothache remedy. Meanwhile, to deal with swelling due to insect stings or snake bites, you can use the Indigofera species Oblongifolia.

Gastric ulcer disease which you can also treat with Indigofera Arrecta. The benefits of Indigofera plant varieties Brevicalyx And Swaziensis famous for toothbrushes.

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Soil Conservation Media

In addition to the benefits above, Indigofera plants can also act as a soil conservation medium. This plant can maintain soil fertility and also prevent erosion.

People also use it as an ornamental plant with various interesting shapes that are very beautiful and eye-catching.

Indigofera cultivation is quite easy. This plant can thrive in a variety of environmental conditions.

In addition, Indigofera also has a relatively fast growth period. This plant will enter the harvest period at the age of 6-8 months, with an interval of 2 months of harvest.

You can even plant Indigofera plants in land with an altitude of 1-1,800 meters above sea level. This plant can still grow well even in dry land.

The various benefits of Indigofera plants are very abundant. Because it can grow in dry areas, this plant is often used as alternative fodder in the dry season, when green grass cannot grow as usual. (R10/HR-Online)

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