Cape Sleeve Long Dress Reference

Cape Sleeve Long Dress Reference

Cape Sleeve Long Dress Reference

KAMPLONGANCape dress models one that is trending this year. A long dress with a cape accent is a dress that has sleeve accents without wrinkles at the end.

This wide sleeve makes the dress look even more charming. Apart from that, in terms of shape, the dress with cape sleeves is also very attractive.

This unique dress look will make your party look even more different. The choice of long dress models is also very diverse.

Each dress carries its own material. There are those who use silk, cotton, brocade, to jaguard. For Muslim women, cape dress is also suitable to wear.

The existence of a special accent on the chest makes the dress look more polite. For those who want a more different look at a party, you can use this long dress with cape sleeves.

Pastel and neutral colors are the most popular choices to use.

Here is a further review of the long dress options with cape sleeves.

Cape sleeve long dress

1.Basic cape dress
This long dress model carries basic cutting its so simple. The cape is designed from a material that matches the color of the skirt.

As a result the appearance of the dress looks more elegant even without many combinations. This cape dress model carries gray as its base.

You can use it as a dress for semi-formal events to formal events.

2. Black cape dress
Still carrying the basic model like the first point, this black cape dress has an ornate accent on the chest. This white decoration gives a sweeter look.

Using a black base color, the white bead accents make the dress look luxurious.

You can use it to go to formal events, especially at night.

3. Brocade cape dress
The brocade material makes this long dress so luxurious. This cape dress model carries an A-line cut on the skirt with additional custom sleeves.

Carrying the navy color, the dress looks more luxurious. Navy brocade material is so suitable combined with silk material.

For those who want to look luxurious and different at a party, this cape dress model is suitable for use.

4. Full cape dress
If in models 1-3 the cape accent is only designed to reach the chest, in this long dress we can find the entire cape accent.

The accent is designed like an outer with chiffon material. You can use underwear with the appropriate color. This long dress model is suitable for semi-formal events.

Or if you just want hangoutsyou can use it as an alternative to clothing.

5. Batik cape dress
For batik materials, you can also use this cape dress model. This cape dress with batik material as a whole uses an elongated cape accent.

You can choose a cutting skirt that is not too wide to compensate for the cape sleeve model that is wide enough.

For invitation events, this one fashion model is also suitable to wear.

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Those are some interesting cape dress options for your party outfit.

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