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Car Keys Can’t Be Revoked, Following are the Causes and Solutions

Car keys can’t be revoked, of course confusing. In the following, we discuss the causes of car keys that we cannot remove and their solutions. Of course, you have to understand the discussion regarding this important car key problem.

The key is of course a very important component for vehicles, including cars. Actually, now there are also many cars that use keyless system technology. This means that you don’t need to use a key to open the car door or start the engine.

However, until now, of course, there are still many cars that use manual keys. Especially on cars that are old output, not a few years back.

In these cars, of course, they still rely on keys, especially to start the vehicle’s engine.

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Causes of Car Keys Can’t Be Revoked

The use of manual car keys can sometimes also cause certain problems or disturbances. For example, we cannot remove or remove the car key from the hole. This problem can certainly make motorists feel panicked and worried.

Especially if the problem is happening for the first time when it never happened before. When you experience it, of course you will also feel panicked and confused, right? Actually this problem can occur for several reasons, for example, as follows:

Bent Lock

The first cause is that the car key could be bent making it difficult to remove it. This bent key can occur along with the use of car keys. Apart from that, it could also be due to the behavior of the user while carrying the key.

Causes of Car Keys Cannot Be Revoked Because the Steering Wheel Is Locked

The car has a steering lock feature which has its own benefits for the driver. Its function is to provide security for the user so that the car does not run alone. Now, when the steering wheel is locked, it can be the cause of the key you can’t remove.

Transmission Not Neutral

When driving, of course you have to change the transmission according to the circumstances while driving. For example, when you want to run the car, you have to move the transmission from neutral to position 1. You have to do the same thing when you want to turn off the car.

Before turning off the engine, you must set the transmission to park or neutral. In some cars, if the transmission position is not correct, the car key cannot be released. Therefore, if the transmission is not in neutral, it’s no wonder you can’t release the key.

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Faulty Contact Cylinder

A problematic contact cylinder can also cause the car key to not be revoked. For example, there is a problem because the springs are not parallel. Apart from that it could also be because in the contact cylinder there is dust or dirt that has accumulated.

How to overcome

If you encounter this problem there are several ways to solve it. Here’s the discussion:

Set Transmission Position

First you can check whether the car’s transmission position is in neutral or not. If not, then you can set it to a neutral position first. After that you should be able to remove the car key as usual.

Apply Lubrication to the Contact Cylinder

Next you can put a little lubricating fluid into the contact cylinder. After that you can try to remove the car key. Lubricating fluid can make it easier to move the key and help remove dirt.

Press Lock and Turn A Bit

The way to deal with the car key cannot be revoked then press and turn the key to the right and left. The goal is to find a gap so that you can remove the key easily. But before that, make sure you activate the handbrake so that the car doesn’t move.

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Requesting Technician Assistance

If you’ve tried the previous methods but still can’t then ask for help. You can ask for help from other people who can solve the problem. Apart from that, you can also try to contact the nearest on-call car technician.

Of course, the car technician can easily help remove the car key. The mechanic can also check and solve problems that occur, so you won’t have the difficult problem of removing the key at a later time. Thus the discussion regarding the causes and solutions for car keys that cannot be revoked.(R10/KAMPLONGAN)

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