End of Year Prayer, Time, Practice and Its Priorities

End of Year Prayer, Time, Practice and Its Priorities

End of Year Prayer, Time, Practice and Its Priorities

Year-end prayer is one of the practices that needs to be done. At the end of the year, every Muslim needs to accompany it with a prayer offered to Allah SWT. To find out how the prayer reading is, you can look at the following discussion.

This is the End of Year Prayer Reading

It is necessary to be grateful for the turn of the year because it is one of the blessings from Allah SWT. Without favors from Him, we cannot know and witness the moment of the turn of the year. One form of our gratitude for being able to meet the new year is by praying.

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In this case, you can practice the year-end prayer reading at the right time. The prayer reading is as follows.

End of Year Prayer, Time, Practice and Its Priorities

The Right Time to Read the End of Year Prayer

You need to pray at the end of the year at the right time. So, you should not raise it carelessly.

Regarding when is the best time to say the prayer, you can see the calendar for the Hijrah year.

In general, the days of the Hijri calendar start at Maghrib time. Therefore, you can read the year-end prayer before entering Maghrib time after Asr time. You can read it at the end of the month of Dzulhijjah 3 times.

By knowing the right time, then you can practice the prayer properly. You can practice this prayer at the turn of the Islamic new year.

After knowing when the time is, it can be more appropriate when practicing the prayer.

Practice at the End of the Year

At the end of the year, you can not only be grateful by praying, but also doing various practices. One of his practices is to perform sunnah fasting.

You can run this fast for 2 days as the closing of the year and the opening of the new year.

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By fulfilling sunnah fasting, we can get closer to Allah SWT and muhasabah. Muhasabah is introspection or self-reflection.

In muhasabah, we will look at what has been done in the past year so that the moment of changing the year feels more meaningful.

Apart from carrying out sunnah fasting, you can also do various other practices such as giving charity, praying, praying, reading the Koran, and praying.

More than that, you can also stay in touch, visit sick people, make pilgrimages, and regularly read Surah Al-Ikhlas. For the letter Al-Ikhlas, you can read it 1000 times. You can use the moment of the turn of the year to increase your deeds and rewards.

The virtue of New Year’s Prayer

When you practice year-end prayers and do various practices, you can achieve many virtues. As for one of the virtues of obtaining a gift from Allah SWT.

By praying, he hopes to get a gift this year and in the years to come.

Another priority is to erase sins. By practicing the new year’s prayer, you can erase sins for the past year.

As humans, of course we are not free from sin. Whether it’s a prayer that we are not aware of or intentionally.

Accumulated sins can make bad deeds win on the scales when the day of reckoning arrives.

Therefore, sin must be cleansed so that it does not become an obstacle to entering heaven. As for one way to cleanse sin is to do this practice.

It doesn’t stop there, practicing New Year’s prayer also allows you to be protected from Satan’s slander. More precisely, Satanic slander in later years. That way, you will not be easily tempted to commit various sins.

Because you are spared from the slander of Satan, you are also more comfortable and have the ease of doing good deeds.

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Regardless of this, practicing prayer clearly allows every Muslim to gain merit. Therefore, you should not miss to practice this prayer.

After listening to the review above, you can find out how the year-end prayer reading is complete with its practices and virtues. Make sure you memorize it so it’s easier when practicing the prayer. Practice prayer and achieve its various virtues. (Muhafid/R6/HR-Online/Editor: Muhafid)

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