How to Overcome Screen Off When Phone on WhatsApp HP Android

How to Overcome Screen Off When Phone on WhatsApp HP Android

How to Overcome Screen Off When Phone on WhatsApp HP Android

Many users are curious about how to deal with the screen turning off when the phone is on WhatsApp for Android phones such as Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo and others.

Because every time you make a WhatsApp call, the HP screen will turn off. For some users, this is not a problem.

But for some other users, the screen turning off when making a call is enough to bother them. As a result, they also want the screen to stay on even though the WhatsApp call is in progress.

Actually, screen off while calling WhatsApp has its benefits and purpose you know. Among them to save battery usage, reduce heat, and not be depressed.

As we know, if the HP screen stays on while on a call it can suck up quite a lot of battery, then the HP gets hot.

Apart from that, sometimes we also often accidentally press a menu on the cellphone when the screen is on and the position is on a call.

When the screen turns off when calling, it can minimize incidents like that. Not only on WhatsApp, a dead screen will also occur when you make a normal phone call.

So, how can the screen turn off automatically during a phone call? Based on the information we have collected from various sources, this is caused by the proximity sensor.

Proximity sensor is a sensor that can prevent touch from unwanted activity. For example, typing when making a voice call.

This sensor will be active when the user makes a call and then brings the cellphone screen to their ear, the cellphone screen will immediately turn off.

However, sometimes users want to make calls on WhatsApp while doing other activities on their cellphones, such as playing games, browsing, chatting and others.

If so, there are several ways to deal with screen off when calling on WhatsApp. Curious how?

How to Overcome Screen Off When Phone on WhatsApp

Here are some ways to deal with a dead cell phone screen when calling on WhatsApp. Watch the tutorial until it’s finished!

Go to Call settings

The first method that will be discussed to deal with a dead screen when calling on WhatsApp is to open the Call Settings on your cellphone.

Don’t worry, this setting is completely harmless to your cellphone. For more details, please follow the tutorial below.

  • First of all, please open the app Telephone on your HP.
  • Then, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Various menu options will appear, but what must be clicked is Incoming call setting.
  • In the next menu, settings will appear Proximity Sensor or Proximity Sensor, if the option is active then please deactivate it.

How to Overcome Screen Off When Phone in WA

  • After that, please restart your cellphone and try again whether this method works or not.
  • Finished!

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Loudspeaker on call – How to deal with screen off when calling on WhatsApp

If the previous method doesn’t work, you can do the next method, namely by activating the loudspeaker while on a call.

Even though this method has nothing to do with the proximity sensor, it is very effective for dealing with a dead cellphone screen when calling on WhatsApp.

To do this, please press the speaker icon next to the video call icon. However, in this way you can make the phone volume higher and can be heard by anyone.

Incoming Call Settings

To minimize this, you can reduce the volume so that only you can hear it. The cellphone screen will continue to light up when making a call even if the user holds it to his ear.

If you want to use the internal speaker again, you can press the speaker button again. And your cellphone screen will turn off again when you call.

Put on a headset

The last way you can do is to use a headset when on a call. This method is also very powerful guysyou only have to plug the headset into the cellphone, then start calling.

Apart from the screen not turning off, the phone sound will also be clearer and only you can hear it. So that other people cannot eavesdrop on your conversations with people on the phone.

So now you don’t have to worry anymore about the screen turning off when calling on WhatsApp. The use of a headset when calling, especially in public places, is very useful, isn’t it?

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We have discussed one by one how to deal with the dead screen when the phone is on WhatsApp, specifically for you. The method is very easy, of course it can be practiced on all Android cellphones.

Hopefully this discussion can help users who were previously confused because their cellphone screens often turned off while on a call.

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