How to Pray Lihurmatil Waqti, Causes and Time of Implementation

How to Pray Lihurmatil Waqti, Causes and Time of Implementation

How to Pray Lihurmatil Waqti, Causes and Time of Implementation

How to pray lihurmatil waqti is important for every Muslim. Lihurmatil waqti is a prayer to respect the time which has its own procedures and intentions. If you want to perform the prayer service, you should first read the description below.

Guide to How to Pray Lihurmatil Waqti

Every Muslim must know that prayer has legal and harmonious conditions. In order for the prayer to be valid, we must meet the requirements and pillars. Starting from covering the genitals, holy, to facing the Qibla.

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Likewise with readings and movements that have their own rules. Even so, there are times when Muslims do not fulfill some, one, or all of the conditions and pillars, but their prayers are still valid. This is known as lihurmatil waqti.

Even though it does not fulfill all the conditions and pillars of prayer, when performing the lihurmatil waqti prayer, it is still valid. It could even abort its obligations at that time. The method is as follows.


The first procedure for praying lihurmatil waqti is intention. Every time we pray, we must have the intention in our hearts first. Regarding this matter, we give an example when performing this prayer service at Zuhur time. Here’s the intent reading:

How to Pray Lihurmatil Waqti, Causes and Time of Implementation

If you want to perform this prayer at another time, for example, such as Asr, Maghrib, Isha’, or Subuh, then just change the type of prayer and the number of cycles.


After the intention, you can perform the prayer with readings and movements like the obligatory prayers in general.

In this guide on how to pray lihurmatil waqti, you can do it in a standing position. However, if it is not possible, can while sitting.

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When you pray sitting, please pay attention to the bowing and prostration movements. For bowing, you can bend your body and head. Then to prostrate, make sure you bend your body and head lower than when bowing.

Don’t forget to end the prayer with greetings. After the greetings, you can continue with dhikr and prayer. This can also always increase the reward.

As for the number of cycles, of course it is in accordance with the number of cycles of fardhu prayers at that time.

Because of Lihurmatil Waqti Prayer

In addition to guidelines regarding procedures, another discussion that is interesting for you to know is the reasons for fulfilling lihurmatil waqti. There are many things that allow you to be lihurmatil waqti.

As for one of them is not finding means of purification (ablution), be it water or dust.

Before performing the prayer service, every Muslim really needs to purify himself first with ablution. If there is no water, ablution can be replaced with tayammum. Tayammum is nothing but purification by using dust.

Related to this, there are examples of people who can carry out lihurmatil waqti. For example, people who have just finished surgery are not allowed to interact with water. Another example, while in the forest and unable to perform ablution or tayammum.

Then for other reasons, namely when traveling. If you get off the vehicle with the aim of praying, but are worried that things will be stolen, missing the group, or other impossible things. For example, when traveling by train, plane, ship, bus, and many more.

Other things that are the reason for praying lihurmatil waqti are people who were crucified, tied up, or shackled, in boats, and sick people. However, not just any pain.

In this case, the sick person cannot take water. Even if you can take the water, but you can’t perform ablution.

Lihurmatil Waqti Prayer Times

In carrying out lihurmatil waqti, you need to understand the time. You can do lihurmatil waqti at the end of time.

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Don’t do it early because there is still a chance to perfect the legal requirements and pillars of prayer.

From the review above, you can better understand how to pray lihurmatil waqti. In addition, there is also a discussion about the reasons and when to do it. By knowing this prayer service, it is hoped that you will be able to respect the time to worship more solely for the sake of Allah SWT. (Muhafid/R6/HR-Online/Editor: Muhafid)

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