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How to top up GoPay via the latest BRImo, fast process in less than 2 minutes

In the previous discussion, we discussed how to top GoPay via BRI Mobile Banking, and this time we will discuss it again, but in the newest BRI Mobile Banking, namely BRImo. So, have you known how to top up GoPay via BRImo?

For those who have been using BRImo for a long time and are used to top up digital wallets (e-wallets), they must already know the procedure because it is very easy.

It’s different with users who are new to using BRImo and are still unfamiliar with the features available at BRImo, of course they are quite confused when they want to top up their GoPay balance. Is that right?

If so, there’s no need to worry because we have prepared a complete discussion for you. Just follow the steps and the top up process will definitely work.

GoPay itself is a digital wallet from the Gojek application that makes it easier for users to make payment transactions.

Starting from payments at Gojek services, online shopping applications, restaurants, supermarkets, paying bills, credit and others.

In order for the transaction process to be carried out, the GoPay balance must be sufficient. If the balance is running low, immediately top up.

Interestingly, users can top up GoPay in a variety of ways that are sure to be easy and practical. It can be through ATMs, other e-wallets, mobile banking, and others.

And according to the discussion at the beginning, we will discuss the procedure for top up GoPay via BRImo. The presence of the BRImo application makes it easier for users to make transactions.

Various transactions can be done simply by opening the BRImo application, ranging from interbank and interbank transfers, paying bills, checking mutations, checking balances, topping up digital wallets, paying for online shopping and many others.

To use every feature in BRImo, users must first activate it. After that, you can use BRImo for various transactions that are needed.

How to Top Up GoPay via BRImo

For users who want to try top up GoPay via BRImo, see the full discussion below.

The method is guaranteed to be easy to practice, provided that your BRImo account is active and can be used for transactions. We will also discuss the minimum top up and transaction fees.

Open the BRImo application

The first step, please open the BRImo application that is already installed on your cellphone. Next, click login to log in with your BRImo account.

Enter the correct username and password > click Login.

Login to BRImo on Android

If you have activated fingerprint login, all you have to do is click the fingerprint icon and place your fingerprint on the HP fingerprint so that you can log in.

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Choose a digital wallet

After successfully logging in and you are on the main BRImo page, you will see various menus and features available on BRImo.

Because it will top up GoPay, please click the option Digital Wallet > click New Top Up > click Select Digital Wallet.

How to Top Up Gopay Through the BRImo Application

There are several choices of digital wallets that can be filled in via BRImo, namely GoPay, LinkAja, OVO, ShopeePay, DANA, and i.saku. The digital wallet to choose is GoPay.

Then choose GoPay type, whether Customer or Driver. Next, enter the destination cellphone number connected to the GoPay account > click Continue.

Transactions at BRImoSo that you don’t have to manually type your number, please click the contact icon to select the GoPay number stored on your cellphone.

Enter the GoPay top up nominal via BRImo

Next, the name of the GoPay account owner will appear. Please enter the desired top up nominal, the minimum is IDR 10,000 > click Top Up.

How to Top Up GoPay Balance

You will also be redirected to the Confirmation page. Display information on the source of funds, destination number to transaction details.

For one time top up, users are charged an admin fee of IDR 1,000. So if you top up IDR 10,000, then you have to pay IDR 11,000.

Make sure the data on the Confirmation page is correct, then click Top Up > enter BRImo PIN and the transaction will be processed.

Later there will be a Successful Transaction receipt which is a sign that the transaction process has been completed and successful.

So far, the way to top up GoPay via BRImo is complete, you can also top up to other digital wallets with BRImo.

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That’s all for the discussion this time about how to top up GoPay drivers and customers via BRImo. Very easy, right? Hope it is useful.

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