How to View FYP on TikTok that Accidentally Refreshes

How to View FYP on TikTok that Accidentally Refreshes

How to View FYP on TikTok that Accidentally Refreshes

How to see FYP on TikTok, which is accidentally refreshed, is quite easy. We can also see the videos watched on FYP TikTok that were previously being watched but instead pressed the home button or refreshed the page.

As we know, FYP or for you page TikTok contains interesting videos uploaded by other users. Starting from funny videos, dancing, singing, cooking, mukbang, or certain events.

No wonder because the TikTok application is a popular application today. Many people make interesting videos on TikTok to enter FYP and get lots of viewers.

The video recommendations displayed by TikTok on FYP have succeeded in making users feel at home for a long time to keep scrolling on TikTok.

Not infrequently we also find interesting videos and intend to download them to the HP gallery. On TikTok itself, a download feature is provided which allows users to download other users’ videos to their cellphones.

But unfortunately, just as we were about to download it, we accidentally pressed the home button or refreshed the page so that the video we were watching disappeared and another video appeared.

This incident certainly makes users quite annoyed, especially if they don’t even remember the username of the TikTok account that uploaded the video in question.

Trying to find the video again on FYP but couldn’t find it, then trying to find the account name still didn’t work.

Don’t be confused, if we watched the video a few seconds before it finally refreshed, we can still find it again.

The method is very easy, but indeed some users are still confused about the method so they decide to look for tutorials on the internet, and end up clicking on this article.

That’s very appropriate, you will provide a complete tutorial for you which is certainly easy for all users to practice.

How to See FYP on Refreshed TikTok

Immediately, here are the steps to see FYP on TikTok that was accidentally refreshed. By doing this, you can go back to seeing videos that have even been refreshed.

Open the TikTok app

First of all, please open the TikTok application and make sure you are logged in with your account. Then, enter our account profile menu by clicking on the Profile menu in the lower right corner of the screen.

Enter the TikTok settings menu – How to see FYP on TikTok

Next, click the three-line icon in the upper right corner of the screen to open the menu on TikTok > click Settings and privacy.

Look in the Content & Display menu section, please click Comment and watch history. In this menu, users can see a history of comments and videos that have been watched, including videos on FYP that were accidentally refreshed.

Because you will see the video history, then please click Watch history. A series of videos that you have watched before will appear.

How to View TikTok Watch History

So you don’t need to be annoyed anymore when you accidentally refresh FYP TikTok while watching an exciting video. Just open the Watch history feature, it will immediately see the video in question. FYP to Refresh

How to delete watch history

Not only viewing, in this menu you can also delete video viewing history on TikTok. You can delete one by one or all of them.

If you want to delete one by one, please press and hold the video in question > click clean up.

Delete Watch History

Meanwhile, to delete everything, please click Choose then mark the video to be deleted.

Delete Multiple Watch History

Click Choose all viewing history > click clean up. Finished!

How to View and Delete Refreshed FYP TikTok

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Very easy, right? That’s all for the discussion this time about how to see FYP on the previous TikTok, which was accidentally refreshed. Hopefully useful and see you in the next discussion!

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