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Price List for Omega x Swatch Watches with Moonwatch Type

Watches with brands Omega x Swatches is one of the watch brands that is quite sought after by users, especially watch collectors. That’s because this one watch is unique, one of which is the combination of two of the world’s leading watch companies.

As we know that Omega x Swatch is a collaboration between Omega (high-end mechanical watch maker) and Swatch (cute watch maker and has an economical price). One type of watch he made was Moonwatch or moon watch.

So, for those of you who want to know the price of Omega x Swatch watches for the Moonwatch type, see the review below.

Price List for Omega x Swatch Watches, Moonwatch Type

Omega X Swatch Men’s x Women’s Watch Planet Moonwatch -1

First, there is the Omega x Swatch male x female Planet Moonwatch watch which is of high quality. This one watch has a diameter of 42mm with an analog display. For the rope or strap used is a type of canvas so it is very durable to use.

Another advantage of this Omega x Swatch watch is that it is complete with a free box, water resistance, super quality, and much more. There are various colors for the strap or strap on this watch. That way, you can choose according to your wishes.

The price for the Omega x Swatch Planet Moonwatch watch is IDR 250,000. Make sure you buy this watch through official shops in Indonesia.

Omega x Swatch 4 Cm Moonwatch Jam Tangan Wanita

If previously it could be used for both genders, this Omega Swatch watch is more suitable for women. This Omega x Swatch Moonwatch watch uses a body diameter of 4 cm with an analog appearance. For the strap material used is leather so it is more durable.

In addition, the glass material on this watch is mineral glass so it is safe from impact and friction. Plus, there are so many color choices on this clock, so you can choose according to your taste. The price for the Omega x Swatch 4 cm Moonwatch watch is Rp. 120,000 and it is presented in a special box.

Omega x Swatch Watches for Men and Women Planet Moonwatch Good -1

Furthermore, there is another Omega x Swatch watch that can be used by men and women at the same time. At first glance, this watch is similar to the previous point. It’s just that the materials used in this watch are of higher quality.

For example, this Omega x Swatch watch has the Planet –Moon Watch feature so that this watch is claimed to have landed on the moon. In addition, the Chrono on this watch is active and not just a patch. The price for this Omega x Swatch Moonwatch Good watch is IDR 388,000 and complete with the box.

Omega x Swatch Bioceramic Moonwatch Mission to Mercury Watch

Finally, the Omega x Swatch Bioceramic Moonwatch Mission to Mercury watch. That said, this is the flagship class of this brand’s watch. This can be seen from the quality used, such as materials from Bioceramic.

In addition, the weight of this watch is also quite heavy, namely 1,000 grams. The price for the Omega x Swatch Bioceramic Moonwatch Mission to mercury watch is IDR 12,599,000. This amount includes the warranty and also the special box exclusively.

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Thus the price list for Omega x Swatch watches with the Moonwatch type. Hopefully this information can be useful.

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