Reference to Korean-style Maxi Dress

Reference to Korean-style Maxi Dress

Reference to Korean-style Maxi Dress

KAMPLONGAN – Maxi dress in terms means a dress with a long size. Whether it’s the length of the skirt to the sleeves.

For Korean-style fashion, there are also many maxi dress models. You can wear a maxi dress on various occasions.

Whether it’s an invitational event, a certain party, even just for hangouts You can also wear this maxi dress model.

A more elegant look with cutting You can get a charming look from the maxi dress model. The material for making this long dress is mostly chiffon and its furing.

Because chiffon material is considered lighter and in accordance with the wide cutting style of a maxi dress. Apart from chiffon, silk can also be an attractive recommendation for maxi dress materials.

For those of you who like Korean fashion, of course this long dress model is not to be missed.

Pastel and bright colors are another characteristic of Korean style maxi dresses This.

So, if you’re curious about the inspiration for the maxi dress model, here’s a full review that can add a reference.

Korean style maxi dresses

1. Wrapped v-neck high waist maxi dress
This dark purple maxi dress features a cutting v-neck that gives a long effect.

Besides that, the front cutting is designed to be higher which makes the appearance more elegant.

Wrapped v neck high waist maxi dress
Wrapped v neck high waist maxi dress. (IST/NET)

This dress with an A-line skirt is perfect for formal occasions. The plus furing chiffon material adds to the elegance of the dress.

Combine with the right accessories to sweeten the appearance.

2. Brocade maxi dress
This dress with a bisban accent carries a cutting A-line skirt that is so luxurious. This flared part of the skirt gives the perfect impression for your formal look.

Brocade maxi dress
Brocade maxi dress. (IST/NET)

On the skirt, you can find plain materials made of chiffon or silky. While the upper part is designed with brocade material.

For formal events, this one dress model is highly recommended to try.

3. Swing waist dress
This gray long dress has a luxurious impression but looks a bit more casual. The long sleeves have ruffle accents and buttons that are so cute.

Swing waist dress
Swing waist dress

Meanwhile, at the waist, there are button accents on the right and left sides. Its function is to make the A-line dress skirt more shaped.

For those who want to appear slimmer and longer, this maxi dress model is suitable for wearing.

4. Pleated maxi dress
Generally, plisket material is worn on skirts or pants. But for a Korean-style maxi dress, it’s still interesting.

Plisket maxi dress
Plisket maxi dress. (IST/NET)

You can use this plisket maxi dress on semi-formal to formal occasions. The plisket material as a whole is designed with a short sleeve model.

If you lack confidence, you can add a cardigan or other outer type with the appropriate color.

5. Chiffon maxi dress motif
The chiffon motif on this maxi dress is designed without a combination. This overall dress motif will make the appearance more elegant.

Printed chiffon maxi dress
Printed chiffon maxi dress. (IST/NET)

Simple neck cutting, sleeves with rubber accents, and waist without accessories are enough to represent a lively patterned material.

You can wear it as an outfit for various events. Whether it’s informal to formal.

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Those are some inspirations for Korean-style maxi dresses that can add to your fashion reference.

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