RHB TradeSmart ID Features Solutions for Beginner Stock Traders

RHB TradeSmart ID Features Solutions for Beginner Stock Traders

RHB TradeSmart ID Features Solutions for Beginner Stock Traders

The RHB TradeSmart ID feature is complete enough to help stock traders. RHB itself is equipped with various features including TradeSmart ID. One of the keys to the success of a stock trader is choosing the right trading application.

Actually, to run a stock investment everyone can do it. Even for beginners though. We recommend that you use the RHB TradeSmart ID.

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The Importance of Using the RHB TradeSmart ID Feature

RHB TradeSmart ID is a stock trading platform provided by RHB Bank. This platform allows users to monitor and conduct stock transactions online.

The platform provides various features such as real-time quotes, order deals, technical analysis, market news, customer support and much more. This feature helps traders to make informed and efficient trading decisions.

RHB TradeSmart ID comes with several smart features that can help traders get the desired returns. By using the available features, it is certain that traders will benefit and reduce the risk of loss.

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New Features from RHB

As we know, investing in stocks is tricky. But now, as a beginner trader who wants to start investing in stocks, you don’t need to be afraid of losing money anymore.

Because now there are many RHB TradeSmart ID features available. The new features that you can take advantage of include:

  • Smart Analyzer. Using this feature, stock analysis is much easier and faster with ARO. ARO has complete features including Smart Analyzer.
  • Smart Fees. As for the next feature that traders can take advantage of, namely Smart Fee. This feature helps traders more easily calculate daily fees automatically. The higher the transaction, the cheaper the costs incurred.
  • Smart Points. You can exchange RHB Smart Points into GoPay which can be spent anywhere and anytime.
  • Smart Rate. For those of you who don’t have a margin account, you can choose the Smart Rate promo from RHB.

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How to Buy Shares at RHB TradeSmart

Knowing this feature is quite interesting, you can immediately use it. For novice stock traders, don’t be afraid to try to start this one investment.

Moreover, buying shares at RHB TradeSmart is quite easy. Some easy steps you can take include:

  1. Register by downloading the RHB TradeSmart application and filling in the e-form for registration.
  2. If so, for the second step you can activate it by activating a customer fund account (RDN) of at least IDR 100,000.
  3. Then you can start investing in RHB TradeSmart which has the support of the ARO feature.

Actually, to start as a stock trader, you need to know a lot about the instrument. But now the presence of the RHB TradeSmart ID feature is the right solution for you novice traders who want to get involved in the world of stock investment. (R10/HR-Online)

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