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Ria Miranda with a Myriad of the Best Current Clothing Collections

If you are looking for an outfit to leave the house, like hanging out and you can use it for big events, here are some clothing and hijab recommendations from Ria Miranda. Let’s find out!

Ria Miranda’s Best Contemporary Clothing Collection

Bilau Series Scarf – Yale Blue

If Scarf, this shirt is inspired by the work and beauty of cultural heritage. There are ornaments that can describe the diversity of Minang cultural heritage and customs.

For example, the stretch of woven gold thread in Minang songket. Then combined with a geometric design and a touch of blue that captivates the eye.

Has voal material, this material is one of the materials consisting of 100% cotton fiber which has a light and soft texture.

This voal material is not slippery which makes it very easy to shape when used as a hijab or veil material.

Gelanic Tunic

Glnic tunic is one of the clothes made of cotton. This shirt is available in XL size and also has a very beautiful color.

You can use this shirt when you leave the house, because the material used is not hot and not thin.

The material used in this shirt is very comfortable when worn, you will get this shirt at a low price.

Tasher Cardigan -lilac

This Tasher Cardigan uses Cotton Knit material. This is one of the best sellers from Ria Miranda.

Tasher cardigan also has 3 colors namely, Beige, Coffee and Lilac Snow. The colors shown are very nice and very modern.

You can Tasher cardigan according to your body or All Size. The price offered is also very cheap for you to get.

Iriana Pants – Brown

Pants from the Ria Miranda spring 2022 collection are equipped with details on the rubber on the back and there are pockets on the right and left sides using airflow material. These pants come in 3 sizes, namely M, S, L.

With waist circumference: 68/70/74, trouser length: 96/96/96, hem circumference: 73/75/77, and trousers bottom width: 58/58/60.

The material used is very comfortable when used and also the price offered is very cheap for these pants.

Jacquard Scarf – Ginger

Jacquard Scarf uses the best material, namely Voal material. This material is very good to be made as a hijab or headscarf.

Because if you use this material, the material is not slippery and easy to shape when used. And does not make stuffy or hot when used.

Jacquard has 10 color variants, namely, Tortilla, Gray Stone, Mahagony, Rose, Medallion, Dusty, Fossil Grey, Denim, Olive Sheen and Mauve.

The colors produced by this hijab are not out of date and also look fashionable. The price offered for this item is very cheap.

Aghafia Knit Top – Sand

One of the brands from Ria Miranda, this one, namely Aghafia Knit top, has Floral Russian embroidery details as well as a fit sleeve and has an H silhouette design.

It has the quality of comfortable knit material when used for everyday use. It is also available in All Sizes.

Lica Top Summer Collection

This Ria Miranda lica top Summer has details and a combination of patterns or Russian embroidery motifs combined with Ria Miranda’s signature floral ornaments.

It has neat details and inner buttons to give the impression of an elegant appearance. In addition, it has pleats detail on the back.

Then, combined with ingredients between poly skin and cigars.

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As has been explained, the clothes and headscarves here are of high quality at low prices.

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