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Secretary General of Gerindra said that Desmond would be laid to rest on Saturday afternoon

Jakarta (ANTARA) – ​​​​​​Secretary General (Secretary General) of the Gerindra Party Ahmad Muzani said that the figure of Deputy Chairperson of Commission III of the DPR as well as Deputy Chairperson of the Gerindra Party’s Board of Trustees Desmond J. Mahesa will be laid to rest at the cemetery complex in Karawang, Java West, Saturday afternoon.

“It is planned that the deceased will be buried after midday prayers at the Al-Azhar cemetery, Karawang, West Java,” said Muzani at the funeral home, Ragunan, South Jakarta, Saturday.

Muzani also admitted that he was very surprised to hear the news that Desmond had passed away on Saturday morning.

“Very shocked by the sad news from all of our friends and colleagues, Haji Desmond Junaidi Mahesa, who died on Saturday at 04.00 in the morning at Mayapada Hospital,” he said.

Not to forget, Muzani expressed his deep sorrow and condolences on the passing of the Secretary of the Gerindra Party faction in the DPR RI.

“We pray that the deceased will be forgiven by Allah for his sins and be lightened in facing Allah,” he said.

Separately, Muzani also expressed his gratitude for Desmond’s dedication and contribution, which he called one of the best cadres of the Gerindra Party.

The extended Gerindra Party family, he said, also felt a deep loss upon the return of the former activist.

He said that during his lifetime Desmond was known to be very critical in expressing opinions and criticisms when presiding over the meetings of Commission III of the DPR.

“This critical attitude is of course inseparable from the background of the deceased as an activist who always struggled to voice the aspirations of the people. The deceased was one of the best cadres we had at Gerindra,” said Muzani in a statement received in Jakarta, Saturday.

Apart from serving as Deputy Chairman of the Gerindra Party Board of Trustees, Desmond also serves as Secretary of the Gerindra Party Fraction of the DPR RI as well as Chairman of the DPD Gerindra Party Banten.

Reporter: Melalusa Susthira Khalida
Editor: Budi Suyanto

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