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Suzuki Sui 125 Present in Taiwan with Retro Style

Suzuki Sui 125 has arrived in the Taiwan market. The latest scooter motorbike from Suzuki named Sui 125 comes with a retro concept. This of course makes this latest Suzuki motorbike look very attractive.

Especially in the eyes of scooter fans who like retro style. The appearance of this motorbike looks very classic like motorbikes in the 90s. The scooter is also a strong competitor for Yamaha Fazzio and Honda Scoopy.

Because in the domestic market in Taiwan both also use the same design. Because of that, of course, the Sui 125 will enliven the retro scooter market in Taiwan. Meanwhile, the name Sui itself stands for Suzuki Urban Icon.

Then what about the design and specifications? Here we will discuss together.

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Suzuki Sui 125 Design and Specifications

The Sui 125 is the brother of the Saluto 125, which looks similar to the two. Seeing how it looks, this motorbike carries a retro scooter style with a modern touch. Of course, this design makes this motorbike suitable for users who want to look stylish.

The design of the latest Sui 125 scooter motorbike was also inspired by the kei car in Japan. At the front of this Suzuki motorbike looks boxy with a boxy body. Likewise on the side and rear of the motorbike which also looks boxy.

In addition, the headlamp and turn signal of this motorbike are shaped like a grille. The retro impression is increasingly felt because of the use of a motorbike key system that is still using conventional technology. Then this motorbike also uses an analog speedometer.

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Even though it carries a retro style, this motorbike also embeds a number of modern features. For example, that is already using LED lights so as to provide maximum lighting. For safety, this motorbike also uses a disc braking system.

Suzuki also equipped it with a compartment at the front and a spacious trunk. So you can carry a lot of things and even put a helmet in the trunk. This motorbike is also more comfortable with thick seats and wide legroom.

Suzuki Sui 125 engine

Suzuki Sui 125 uses a 124 cc, 4-stroke air-cooled engine with SEP or Eco Performance System. The machine is capable of producing 8.84 hp at 7,000 rpm and 9.6 torque at 6,000 rpm. This motorbike engine is also the same as the engine in Saluto.

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Color Options and Prices

In Taiwan the Sui 125 is available in five very attractive and certainly beautiful colors. That color is fondant orange, gooseberry black, sea salt gray, parmesan whiteAnd sherbet blue. The selling price is 56,700 Taiwan dollars or around IDR 28 million.

Thus the discussion regarding the specifications of the Suzuki Sui 125 which has a retro style. In the Taiwan market, this motorbike is included in the entry level market. So it is suitable for consumers who are looking for a retro scooter at an affordable price. (R10/KAMPLONGAN)

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