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Toyota RAV4 GR Sport PHEV Appears at GJAW, Here are the Specifications

The Toyota RAV4 GR Sport PHEV has appeared at the Gaikindo Jakarta Auto Week 2023 exhibition. This Toyota car titled RAV4 GR Sport PHEV is certainly very interesting. In the following, we will discuss the specifications of this latest Toyota car.

Toyota presents this car to meet people’s needs for a powerful SUV. This car also provides freedom for the driver, including to explore rough terrain. With Plug-in Hybrid technology, this car is also able to meet broad mobility needs.

The RAV4 GR Sport PHEV is also capable of providing a better driving experience. Not only that, but also able to support creating a good environment. Toyota also claims this car is suitable for consumers who have a soul adventures tall.

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Specifications Toyota RAV4 GR Sport PHEV

The RAV4 GR Sport PHEV at GJAW 2023 is a complete import or CBU from Japan. The existing car is also the highest variant. The display looks very cool with equipment features sporty one.

Toyota’s new SUV is also a vehicle eco-friendly that is in line with today’s lifestyle. This car is certainly able to make anyone who takes it look even cooler. Not to mention the performance and specifications are also very good and attractive.

RAV4 GR Sport PHEV engine

This car uses a Hybrid Dynamic Force engine coded A25A-FXS 2,500 cc. The 4-cylinder engine has an intake valve with VVT-ie technology and an exhaust valve with VVT-i technology. The engine power reaches 136 at 6,000 rpm and 227 Nm of torque at 3,200-3,700 rpm.

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The power continues to the front wheels using a CVT transmission. Distribution of energy is very smooth, responsive and efficient to save fuel consumption.

This car engine is also able to produce a balance between power production and fuel economy.

The AV4 GR Sport PHEV also has the E-Four Intelligent All Wheel Drive (AWD-i) system. This technology will be very useful in providing traction on slippery roads. In addition, fuel consumption will also be better on urban roads.

Toyota RAV4 GR Sport PHEV battery

The RAV4 GR Sport PHEV also carries a battery with a capacity of 18.1 kWh. With this battery, this SUV can drive up to 67 km in just one charge. The battery also supports both AC and DC recharging.

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Currently PT Toyota Astra Motor is preparing and managing the administrative process for this car. If according to PT TAM’s estimated time, this car will be launched in the second quarter of 2023. As for the price itself, there has been no official announcement yet.

However, reportedly the price of this car will exceed the price of the Kijang Innova Zenix. The price of the Toyota Kijang Innova Zenix for the highest variant is IDR 611 million on the road in Jakarta. Because of that, this car could be sold for around IDR 700 million or even more.

Thus the discussion of the specifications regarding the Toyota RAV4 GR Sport PHEV. Ready to wait for it to slide on the market? (R10/KAMPLONGAN)

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